Saturday, August 3, 2013

Final goodbyes

After three days of goodbyes, first the campers and most of the Polish counselors on Thursday we headed to Krakow with 4 Polish counselors.  Our tour guides took us to different parts of the city.  Then last night before dinner we said goodbye to two of the counselors.  More tears flowed from our eyes.  Then today we said goodbye to the last two counselors who for James and I have been with us from the beginning.  These were full of hugs and yet again more tears.  We say goodbye to Poland as we land in Munich now and are heading home!

Please pray for safe travels for the team!

May God bless and keep our Polish friends safe, the Lord make His face shine upon them and give them peace until we see them again!  Hopefully here on Earth, either in Poland or America, or up in Heaven!

I love you all!

Written by Lisa

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today Jawornik was a flood of tears.  Tears flowing from the flood of tears of heartfelt love for one another at the 2013 Jawornik English Camp (JEC).  Even I am not immune to this heartfelt emotional outburst of love for both new friends  and reunited friends.  In only 10 days, 8400 minutes, hearts and lives are joined together.

My hearts is more deeply intertwined with those counselors and students who have been apart of the JEC experience three years or more.  Several of my students this year have been in my class for four years.  Several Polish counselors have been a part of the JEC for all six years.  Every year our hearts and lives become more deeply intertwined.  I laugh when they laugh, I hurt when they hurt, and I cry when they cry.

Today, the flood of tears, is not good bye but God be with you till we meet again ... at camp next year, in America, or in heaven.

Good bye my friends, no scratch that, God be with you my friends, and I pray if it is His will we will meet again.

written by James

James (aka American Boss) w. Peter (aka Polish Boss)

 Lisa, Marysia, James

 Tearful goodbyes

 Future Camper with Chelsea

 Closing Chapel

 Saying goodbye

Heartfelt tears