Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Orleans with family

We all arrived in Atlanta around the same time and boarded our plane to New Orleans.

We arrived early and got a shuttle to our hotel to dropped off our luggage and went to breakfast at Mother's. It wasn't all that great, but the sausage was very spicy! Then we walked up to Canal Street and Bourbon Street. It was very neat and I loved watching people. They had shops with voodoo dolls, masks, and final four stuff.

Then we took tour of post Katrina. We went all over the city. We got to see where neighborhoods used to be, levies that broke, houses that Brad Pitt is building for people down here, a house that the people broke a hole in the roof to avoid drowning during the hurricane. Then the tour took us in a cemetary. That was ver interesting. The vaults can have 60 or more family members in them.

After the tour, we checked out our rooms and decided what to do. We went to dinner on Bourbon Street. It was a sea food place. They all tried something new, but I had a chicken sandwich. I was the only one who wasn't over stuffed. They all loved it.

Then we went on a street car ride on St. Charles street. It is called the Garden District, and also where they hold the Marti Gras Parade. There were still beads hanging from the trees. The lawns were very nice. We went by Loyola and Tulane Universities.

Since we all were up very early this morning, me at 3 and the rest at 3:30 we decided at 8 to go up to our rooms and relax and go to bed. I am having problems trying to post pictures, but I will keep trying!