Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday, July 25th

It's my first time here as a counselor on such an adventure. I thought it was going to look totally different and that there won't be any chemistry between all people here. Just taking care about kids. And You know what? I was totally wrong. When I see those kids singing and dancing with older people like Lenny, Fred and others I just sometimes can't believe what I see. I mean that we are being taught by children as many things as we do teach them. Or maybe they teach us more things? Who knows?

Today's Bible story was about Jonah and Nineveh City. One day Jonah was commanded by God to go Nineveh and tell people living there that they are very cruel, sinful etc. and God wants them to repent. Firstly, Jonah tried to escape from God's commandments. He didn't succeed. We can't escape from God. He is always with and what is the most important He WILL ALWAYS BE CLOSE TO US. He could have killed Jonah for his disobedience. The Lord didn't punish Jonah. He show him His never-ending mercy. What is most important thing which we need to remember and learn is that we HAVE TO love others people not things. As Lenny said "Spaghetti won't give us love back. I will."

Saying "You must come here" is too easy for me. Such an unbelievable experience that it can't be expressed with words. I don't  know what should I write at the ending. But we've sang a song: "This little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine..." and I feel that meeting here is not just a shining. Seeing whole people especially the youngest of us dancing and singing for the God's glory is like a seeing a blazing fire of Holy Ghost's.

Written by Filip, a new Polish Counselor

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday, July 24th

Our theme for the day was God wants us to trust Him.  During this day I have had many occasions to trust God, beginning with the Bible lesson.  In discussing Daniel, he had to trust God in the lion's den.  I told the kids about crossing a half-finished bridge, which I did when I was young.  I told them about tying the cable on one side, walking across a steel girder holding on to a cable that was not attached on the other end.  When we trust God, he has the other end.  God is our shield like shoes when we walk on wet grass.  Without the shoes, our feet get wet and cold. 

Doug showed them an American coin and told them about all of our money saying "In God we trust."  He explained that not everyone does, but our money says it. 

Then tonight when we were playing "Captain, My Captain" the rain came, but with it came a rainbow.  So we switched to playing Indoor Olympics.  Shane and I shared the same station that he had in 2013 and I had in 2012 - throwing a football through a hoop.  We need to work on our American football skills with them again :)  It was a lot of fun.  And now, we're diving into a Mexican pizza!  Dobranoc (that's "goodnight" in Polish)! 

Written by Lenny

What a busy two days!

What a busy two days we have had.  The internet would work for about 10 minutes and then it would be done for the day.  It must know that we all wanted to connect with family and friends.  But we trusted that God would take good care of all you! 

Speaking of trust, that has been our Bible theme the past couple days.  Tuesday we heard the story of Noah who followed God's directions even though people laughed at and mocked him.  Being a Christian and obeying God is seldom the easy option in our lives.  The world laughs at us sometimes, just as they laughed at Noah all those years ago.  But as we read in John 14:15 "If you love me you will obey my commands."  We don't need to worry about what the world thinks as long as our trust is in God.  What an awesome gift!

Wednesday we learned about Joseph's bad day that turned into a bad couple of years. Yikes!  We were reminded that even though we have bad days, and sometimes it seems like nothing goes right, GOD IS IN CONTROL!  "For those who love God all things work together for good." ~ Romans 8:28

As we study American Pop Culture, the kids are really enjoying the opportunity to make movies.  It has been such a joy to watch them get excited about making a script, crafting costumes and producing a short film, complete with movie trailer and special effects.  My, what imaginations they have!  We have all kinds of movies in the works....thrillers, comedies, mysteries and romance - OH MY!  Sometimes it's hard to tell who is enjoying themselves more, the campers or us. 

The Pop Culture fun continues in the art room where the project has been tye-dye.  By the end of the week, each camper will have their very own, bright, wacky t-shirt.  And Lisa, Carleen and Jessica will have brightly colored fingers from all the dye! 

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  Your support is an important part of our mission here, and a huge blessing.  Sending love and hugs across the miles! 

Written by Katie







Monday, July 21, 2014


What a great day!!  It started with the meetings and getting to see who our Polish helpers would be.  We got to enjoy time one on one with them! 

We had a great rain shower that re-wetted our washed clothes on the clothesline, but the temperature has dropped.  I was very grateful for that!

Then the excitement of the afternoon was seeing the campers arrive.  We saw a lot of familiar faces and met some new faces as the campers with their parents arrived.  I had to do the evaluations of the campers, but as I would go out into the hallway to get the next camper, I would see the parents talking to their children and wishing them well.  I watch as they would give the a pat on the back or a hug as they came into our room.  There were lots of happy, smiling faces. 

Then after dinner we got into our classes and one of the new boys said, "I like having you as a teacher!"  I even taught them the "GO BLUE" cheer!  I think a couple of the Nebraska people didn't like that one! :)

I am so honored to be here serving God. 

Written by Lisa