Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday July 29th, 2015/ The last full day of camp

     Today was food day for the morning classes with different types of food from different cultures. First groups 1-3 took their kids down for ice cream at the shop for an hour then groups 4-6 took kids down after then other groups. While some of the groups were at the shop others were eating food from different cultures. We had peanuts, peanut butter, rolos, beef jerky, salsa & chips; guacamole, hummus, m&m's and marshmallows for the kids. Then by the afternoon in crafts the kids made signature books and everyone was signing each others. In music we were singing and dancing to VBS songs and did a few Just Dance songs from YouTube the kids enjoyed. Capture the Flag was the game for sports today and it looked like the kids were having a lot of fun.
     Then after dinner the final movies were shown and group 6 had the best and longest movie. Then we did some music and during the songs, about a third of the people in the chapel were crying trying to dance and sing with people holding each other. By the time music was over they started to do the slideshow with what happened during camp and every camper and Polish/ American counselor name and picture. By then most people were crying and hugging everyone they came across and exited the chapel. Towards the end of everyone exiting Mirek (Polish counselor) had started to play his accordion. Quite a few people had surrounded him and was listening to him play.
      After all the campers went upstairs all of the counselors went  downstairs and had a traditional Polish feast. Everything we ate tasted amazing and went back up for seconds. The American staff got presented with gifts and the Americans presented the polish staff with gifts of crosses from the Crossmakers in Seward, Ne. And as the night is coming to a close you can still hear laughter and crying. We still have tomorrow which is a better day.  written by Jessica

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

After the hike we were able to spend more time with the campers having s'mores and sausages!  What a great day from God!!  Thank you!

Tuesday, July 28

Today we went on the all day hike through the mountains.  What beautiful scenery around us all day!  It was great being able to slow down a bit and just take time to talk with different people while we were hiking.  I was able to spend so time with Peter and we talked about him becoming a Pastor here in Poland.  I was also able to send some time talking with others along the 9 mile hike.  What a wonderful way to share God's love in his wonderful, beautiful mountain range in Poland.  Our time is quickly coming to an end.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers and bless our work here as we spend the last two days sharing His word and love.

Kenny Leymaster

Monday, July 27, 2015

Today was the first day for every one to put on their long sleeves jeans and sweat shirts. The morning started cold and by evening it had only risen around 5 degrees.
This day for many was the first hit of reality.  Our mission will soon be drawing to an end and we are all starting to look at the relationships we have formed and how much we will miss the kids once we leave. The question of is all this worth it was quickly answered during the morning chapel when there were some difficulties with the technology and music. For reasons unknown people weren't sure why the sound on the songs didn't play but that wasn't going to stop the kids. A group of about 10 kids got up went to the front and with no music at all, started singing the songs and doing the actions. There was no point in trying to hide the goose bumps on your arms because everyone had them. Those children, most of which do not speak English well, sang those songs in English to the exact beat that it would have been if the music were playing. It's amazing the things God can do.
The rest of the day was smooth as well with no serious issues until the end of the day. One camper did have an accident and went to the hospital after evening games, but all is well and she is back now and headed to bed here shortly. 
Please continue to pray for all of us as we finish out the rest of this week.  People are growing tired from lack of sleep and we need prayers for patience to deal with all that's going on.  God bless.