Saturday, August 1, 2015


The beautiful buildings, night life, occasional whiff of marijuana, and people of all diversity was what greeted us in Amsterdam.   The city is very pretty, we missed the canal ride by 10 minutes.  I was disappointed but our walk was amazing...  Written by Lisa


We have been hit with food poisoning. The cheese sauce is the common thread amongst the people who were sick.  Please keep Pastor James, who was hit the hardest and the rest of the team in your prayers. 

Thursday, July

This year tradition set the path for the river of tears flowing from the eyes of campers, teachers and counselors as we sang "Friend are Friends Forever".  This year's goodbyes were saturated with the tears of nearly one third of campers who will not be able to return next year.  The annual blocking the driveway, telling us they didn't want us to go, was more extreme this year as they ran all the way ahead of the bus to town sometime forming a human line across the street.  A true testament to our impact on these children.

Written by James and Lisa

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday July 29th, 2015/ The last full day of camp

     Today was food day for the morning classes with different types of food from different cultures. First groups 1-3 took their kids down for ice cream at the shop for an hour then groups 4-6 took kids down after then other groups. While some of the groups were at the shop others were eating food from different cultures. We had peanuts, peanut butter, rolos, beef jerky, salsa & chips; guacamole, hummus, m&m's and marshmallows for the kids. Then by the afternoon in crafts the kids made signature books and everyone was signing each others. In music we were singing and dancing to VBS songs and did a few Just Dance songs from YouTube the kids enjoyed. Capture the Flag was the game for sports today and it looked like the kids were having a lot of fun.
     Then after dinner the final movies were shown and group 6 had the best and longest movie. Then we did some music and during the songs, about a third of the people in the chapel were crying trying to dance and sing with people holding each other. By the time music was over they started to do the slideshow with what happened during camp and every camper and Polish/ American counselor name and picture. By then most people were crying and hugging everyone they came across and exited the chapel. Towards the end of everyone exiting Mirek (Polish counselor) had started to play his accordion. Quite a few people had surrounded him and was listening to him play.
      After all the campers went upstairs all of the counselors went  downstairs and had a traditional Polish feast. Everything we ate tasted amazing and went back up for seconds. The American staff got presented with gifts and the Americans presented the polish staff with gifts of crosses from the Crossmakers in Seward, Ne. And as the night is coming to a close you can still hear laughter and crying. We still have tomorrow which is a better day.  written by Jessica